Learnous offers a comprehensive online GD-WAT-PI module to help you ace the second round of selection. Many of you might be knowing the weightage of GD-WAT-PI could be as high as 60% which could be the deciding factor in the selection process.

Here we are to guide you by giving 1 on 1 mentoring throughout the process until you get into your dream college. We at learnous, customise the training and guidance based on your profile and requirements. Our program is designed to help you in exploring and understanding more about yourself, thereby refining your individuality and personality.


Who will be my mentor?

Based on your profile and requirements, we will allot you a mentor from our elite pool of mentors studying in B-schools like IIMs, IITs, NMIMS, Symbiosis, IIFT, etc. Also, based on your calls, we will try to allot you with the mentor from same college. For eg: Having a call from IIM Ahmedabad? Get mentored by mentor from the respective college.

Why us?

  • One on one mentorship and training with actual converted students from premium b-schools like IIMs.
  • Customised and personalised training based on your profile.
  • More practise and mock sessions based on your requirement, which is close to real GD-WAT-PI experience.
  • Flexible timings as per your convenience, as it is 1 to 1 training and mentoring.

Service offerings

Learnous GD-WAT-PI program features.( GD-WAT-PI training & mocks )


Personalised mentoring

We offer Personalised mentoring for each aspirants



Guidance for filling the application form of each b-school


Group discussion

Study material on Group discussion, essay writing, personal interview as e-book


Sample video sessions

Sample video sessions on mock GD, PI.


Mock sessions

More practise and mock sessions based on your requirement from the mentors


Feedback session

Each GD, WAT, PI session is followed by detailed feedback session.

GD-WAT-PI Training packages

Including e-books & material (complete kit)

Each GD, WAT, PI Mock session is followed by detailed feedback session

  • Essays on major topics covering current issues and other possible WAT topics
  • Other possible topics for WAT and GD
  • Interview experience of our mentors
  • Interview questions on various academic streams
  • Past interview questions of IIMs and other B-schools
  • Specialisation kit containing domain based questions
Mentoring + 5 Mocks

Mentoring + 8 Mocks

Mentoring + 10 Mocks

Weekend OFFER! - Only for today and tomorrow.

WAT-PI-Extempore Prep kit
1. GD-WAT-Extempore Prep kit with 100+ topics 2. PI Preparation kit 3. PI Experience kit

Extempore Prep (5 session
Five 1 on 1 live practice sessions which will be personalized and customized. Guidance to draft your answers in the stipulated time.

IIFT SOP Guidance
The program includes 2 one on one sessions which can be scheduled any day anytime. The session will be taken by industry experts where we provide 24*7 support. The first session includes guidance for crafting your answers based on your profile. Ideas and hints will be provided for each question, followed by structuring and framing the answer. The second session is followed by reviewing and editing the answers. The duration of each session is 45-60 mins according to the requirements.


Mocks Packages

One mock

2 Mocks

3 Mocks

4 Mocks


Best Value

6 Mocks


Best Value

8 Mocks


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