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The day interview experience – Hear it from Saurabh

I had it fixed in my head that no matter what, I shouldn’t fumble or look confused, so I had done thorough research about the college and prepared to talk about a few certain topics and gain a good grip on them For the initial few hours, we had been briefed in the auditorium by the Director and the seniors. We were given basic literature and stationery. After which we were moved into groups and were kept in place for the GE-PIWAT Process.

Although practically, the sequence was WAT-GE-PI In the GE (Group Exercise) process, my group was subdivided into 2 and we were given certain printed images which were left for our interpretation and we as a group had to form a sequence and frame an entire story based on our inputs and images. It required a lot of domination, teamwork, and leadership. The exercise was a test for that only.

The other group was also given the same opportunity at the same time frame The WAT process had 2-3 questions coupled with a video and an essay-type question It was a 3-minute video played twice for our better understanding. We had to break it down and write our interpretation of it. It was a fun process since I have a special inclination towards creative writing. Although I felt like I should have hurried up as the allotted time felt less for accumulating and jotting down all the thoughts and ideas that I had gathered.

The PI process had me waiting for a long time, as my turn was taking a while to come. Anxiety levels were rising as I witnessed the other candidates coming out of the interview room with a variety of feedbacks. 

But if one is confident enough about the reasons for doing an MBA and about his/her profile and experience, it should not be worrisome. My PI was conducted by 2 very ardently educated professors, humble and polite and understanding. They asked me about my profile. I gave them answers and I asked permission, to be frank enough to tell everything in detail and without worrying about the protocol. It turned from an interview to a friendly discussion pretty soon, and all for good, as both parties were getting verbally comfortable with each other.

Having confidence and clarity of thought is a must. After the PI was the document verification process followed by snacks and a physical round of the college. They did take a long time to declare the results, but thankfully I landed my dream b-school and have been doing my best in classes and competitions from then on.


1. Keep smiling even though you are nervous. Show a cheerful attitude towards the interview. That shows your confidence in yourself.

2. Always expect a question based on how you end your answers. So, end your answers on a point that you are confident and comfortable talking about.

3. Remember, you drive the interview more than the panel. Keep your answers brief and to the point. The panel is generally already bored listening to long generic answers.

4. Lastly practice your body posture, eye moments, and hand gestures. Sit straight on the front end of the chair (Do not lean). Do not break eye contact while talking. Avoid any unnecessary hand movement and use only one hand while explaining anything with gestures if needed.

5. Always start with a smile and end with a smile. No matter how your interview ends.

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