How to ace the interview? – Hear it from Moksh

MBA interviews are extensive but can be aced with regular practice and reading. I would share a glimpse of my interview experience. Generally, the first question used to be “Tell me something about yourself.” “Tell me something about you apart from CV.” 

etc.; I had a well prepared 90 seconds answer to the first question. Firstly, I highlighted my significant achievements, along with my learnings from them. Secondly, I ended the intro with the most exciting part in an open-ended way, ensuring that I already know the second question that the panel will ask.

I always tried to drive the interview in my direction because you are safe till you are driving the interview. Apart from that, I was always ready with basic Geography, maths, and aptitude questions. Also, reading newspapers regularly helped me in almost all the interviews. Also, some of the common questions included your role model, your key strengths, and weaknesses. I ensured that I had examples from real life to support all the arguments.

I play guitar as a hobby, hence was aware of some of the top guitarists and musicians.

Few questions related to hobbies were easy to tackle because of having awareness about the music industry.

Sometimes there were stress interviews where the panel intentionally threw absurd questions that I will not be able to answer. For such interviews, I maintained my calm and tried to drift the interview to my comfort zone at any chance that I got. In such interviews, your body language, your calmness, and asking the right questions to the panel will help.

Summarizing my interview experience, reading newspapers, being aware of the industry related to my hobbies, maintaining my calm, body language, confidence in my CV, and driving the interview helped me ace the interviews. I converted almost all the calls for which I was shortlisted.

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